Taliban elite forces ‘Badri 313’ ready to takeover Kabul Airport security anytime

A lot has happened in the short period of time, but people have risen to the challenge, except it was been put in front of them rather than dressed in a typical Salver came and AK 47 over the shoulder. 313 Battalion forces are all in a different outfits. 313 appears to be armed with modern sidearms, turning stylish combat boots and night vision goggles, making them difficult to distinguish from any other special combat units.

The security of Kabul Airport now rests under the security of these elite forces. Taliban has handed over the job to safeguard the Kabul Airport to its a three three three Elite Special forces. These are no ordinary warriors, but three three one elite warfare unit is equipped with modern combat care and advanced weapons. This development can be a big worry in the very near future. Under the scorching heat, just a few hundred meters away from the runway, people way with the hope of making it out of Afghanistan, hopeful citizens stood needy in sewage full canal and an attempt to have their paperwork looked at by soldiers with a Taliban giving an ultimatum for evacuations. The fate of these people remains seized until they bore a plane.

The US forces are actively involved in helping those waiting outside the Kabul Airport. And for them, this is an important mission as it involves the evacuation of US citizens as well. “A lot has happened in a short period of time, but people have sort of risen to the challenge, accepted what’s been put in front of them, and we really focused on the importance of recovering the entitled personnel doing their mission and doing it for a good cause. They’ve absolutely been committed to the task will see it through to them.”

They lost their homes, they are separated from their families, but here they are with a glimmer of hope. There is tension in the minds and hearts of these evacuees, but there are light-hearted moments as well. Thanks to US soldiers. They’re keeping these kids out of mental stress by entertaining them. Children could be seen listening to a soldier playing the Ukulele in Ramstein Air Base near Frankfurt. The journey for these people has been strenuous, however, moments like these keep them from reminiscing about the horrific takeover back home. While one-quarter of the airbase was happy and joyous, people on the other side expressed fear and anxiety.

Adina Gauri, a woman who worked for a US agency in Kabul, spoke of the fear she fell for herself and her family after the Taliban take over. “ I’m afraid for my life and I’m afraid for my family life because we are in danger of me because I’m working with them, and my family is also in danger because of me. And also I read that actually in some of the provinces all brides by four and they are marrying with the ladies by four and they do these things and we don’t want to do this last being like this, the Taliban wants to establish good relations with all countries, said the group spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, at a Press conference on Tuesday.

Speaking about the new government’s foreign policy. The Taliban spokesman said that the Taliban wants to establish good relations with all countries and called on friendly countries to take the initiative. Contact Taliban. Asked about the relationship with China, the spokesman said the Taliban will seek economic and friendly ties with China. Taliban personnel will not enter any foreign embassy buildings and will provide security services for the embassy area, reiterated spokesman in an interview with Sky News.

Oster Afghanistan President’s brother Hash Makani lashed out at US President Joe Biden. He said the west had pulled the rug out from under our feet by the sudden decision to finalize the withdrawal of troops. He didn’t stop there. He went on to accuse former US President Donald Trump and US President Joe Biden of betraying Afghanistan. But once the west pulled the rug under government in the upfront population, what choice do we have? Do we go fight another war on behalf of someone? Do we become a pawn on somebody else’s proxy Ward? We’ve got no choice at this stage. All we can do is stay back trying to save the lives of our people. Nato partners and other countries say they will have to shut down their evacuations in the US withdraws 5800 troops. It has flown in to run and protect the massive airlifts out of Taliban-ruled cable.

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