Taliban issues a final warning on Kabul’s foreign evacuations

Foreign forces are mandated to completely pull out of Afghanistan by August 31. Military and civil Airlines from various countries are still engaged in the evaluation process. Taliban’s ultimatum came soon after a crossfire between unidentified Gunmen and Western forces broke up in Garbage Airport.

How many people are yet to be evacuated from Afghanistan?

The United States is carrying out the largest evacuation from Afghanistan of US nationals, Afghan citizens, and other nationals. The United States has so far evacuated or health evacuation of 480 people since August 14. However, according to estimates, nearly 150 Americans and around 600 Afghan allies still Awaited their evacuation. There is also a lack of clarity in the Biden administration on how many Americans live in Afghanistan. Reports say the number of evacuated people is only a fraction of US nationals waiting to leave the country.

Currently, NATO and US citizens are being prioritized at the airport with gun immigrants pushed to the back of the Cube. According to CNN, over 130 people are gathered at Kabul Airport awaiting evacuation, while the US insists evacuations will be over by August 31. There are discussions going on among the US and the military about extending. Our hope is we will not have to extend through its allies are not convinced since we filmed it in the west. Added to Canyon are the dogs with the US and Turkey in order to keep Carbel airport operational beyond August 31. Your invite makes civilian evacuations for Camp Words Fitness as the Freegan team has one Mercutio.


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said that no nation will be able to evacuate everyone wanting to flee the country in time. So far, other countries like the United Kingdom have evacuated over 7000 people. Germany has evacuated over 2700. Pakistan has flown out over 3000 people. Italy and France have evacuated nearly 200 people, while Australia has airlifted over 1600 people. And India has transported over 800 individuals out of Afghanistan. Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Ukraine, Hungary, Indonesia, Romania, and several other nations are scrambling to airlift and nationals along with other citizens and fling of cans from Kabul airport. But the evacuation has been hampered due to the deteriorating security situation at the Cabal airport.

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